The roots of women in cricket and betting on it

Researchers have investigated the facts about early days of female game and not long ago discovered the exact way of this entertainment in Britain. Not many know, but the female one has taken part as long as the men’s. It all started with a rustic lawn in Great Britain almost 3 centuries ago.
The first recorded match was played in 1745 between females from two british villages, where clubs differing in color of their hair bands had first ever match. Obviously, betting on female cricket was close to non-existence, because betting on men was more common and organised.

Women’s World Cup

The first Women’s World Championship was the result of a random talk between then-England leader Rachel Hayho-Flint and rich entrepreneur Jack Hayward. In the 1970s, this entrepreneur pledged her £ 40,000 and 7 clubs – England, the English team, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and International XI – participated in the first ever official match.
This competition was a wild success that the MCC, which denied to hold the 1970s finals, decided to allow females to have a match in – “House of Cricket” – for the first time. In 1976, headed by Hayho-Flint, Britain in game against Australia won legendary ODI by 8 gates.
Lack of financing and sponsors in female game has always been an obstacle, which is why more close relationships with male were established in the 1990s. At the beginning of the 90s, New Zealand was first test country to join games systems for men and female, followed by Britain later. International Women’s Cricket Council accepted to transfer management of the world female game tomale-ruled International Cricket Council and all other female national federations were included to their male colleague.

Rise T20

“T20” – a short form in which all teams have twenty overs to get as many runs as they could – was first held on pro level in 2003 and has proven to be a great way for promoting the female game. Later, ICC organized the world’s first T20 Women’s Cricket World Championship . It took place in Britain together with the men’s championship . The semi-finals and finals were “doubles” where women’s games just prior to men’s, and provided female teams with more viewers and press attention.

Why is it profitable to bet on women’s cricket?

Over time, the profile of female cricket has grown so big that there was any need anymore to speculate on men. Female cricket is on the rise now, so you should try betting on it. If you have a clear understanding of how betting on this sport works this will be an easy task for you. Bet wisely and good luck.