What should you know about cricket and bets on it?

Cricket is a non-contact and team sport that originated and is very popular in the UK and the former English colonies. This sport originated in the 16th century and already enjoyed worldwide popularity in the 19th century. The influence of the British Empire is quite tangible – this sport is especially popular in countries where the influence of the United Kingdom is strong.

What you need to know about cricket:

What championships does it make sense to bet on?

Before placing a bet, it makes sense to figure out what you will be betting on. Cricket competitions are divided into several types. First level games. There is a limited meeting time and 4 innings. On average, such games last up to 5 days; a daily game session takes 6 hours.Games with a specified number of 2 innings overs. Such games, as a rule, are played in 1 day, however, they stretch over a period of more than 6 hours.
It has its own hierarchy of prestige – for example, test cricket. Similar championships are held between members of the International Cricket Council, which includes 8 states. The championships are very exotic – the county championship in England, Ranji Trophy (India), Sheffield Shield (Australia) and others like them.

Our recommendations for cricket betting

Number one is formats. In this sport, matches differ in format, which affects the duration of the game, its order, and a huge number of other parameters. In different formats, teams show different games – some play better at level 1, others manage to show excellent results in games with limited overs. There is a regularity – Indian players, due to insufficient funding, as well as due to the difference in climate, show not the best away game. But the players from Australia demonstrate excellent performance on all fields.

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Weather. They are able to have a huge impact on the performance of sports. Matches continue for several hours in a row and a clear day can easily be replaced by heavy rain. In unsuitable climatic conditions, players will not show the best result, which is important to consider when making a forecast.

As with other sports, there are key figures on the field in this sport

– here they are referred to as batsmen and bowlers. Each team has its own outsiders and stars. Thus, one professional batsman can turn the match around. To predict the results of the meeting, you need to study the list of promising players, highlight the favorites. By the way, some of the stars, surprisingly, are people of the mood, showing excellent results at the moment when “the stars are formed.” All of the factors mentioned above can influence betting. It can ruin your bet and you may lose your money or you can include those factors and make a winning bet despite all odds.

Cricket betting analysis

When analyzing cricket matches, it should be understood that this sport is not as popular as football, hockey or basketball, therefore it is extremely difficult to find the necessary information, especially in the Internet resources of the post-Soviet countries. In the UK, where cricket was born, it has become very popular, therefore it is the British bookmakers that offer wide listings for matches in this sport. On the English-language resources (the Internet or printed publications) you can find a lot of information useful for analyzing cricket matches, but you will need to work on the translation, since there are online translators.
When we have the necessary statistics on the teams participating in the cricket match, the analysis of the fight goes according to the standard scheme. We are looking at the latest results of the opponents, against whom they played, in what physical form they are now. We clarify if there are any injured leaders who are not ready to give their best 100%. We study the standings, find out the degree of teams’ motivation to win in the upcoming game.
Having collected all the necessary information, we make a logical conclusion about the result of the match and make a bet in one of the bookmakers. Always check all info twice, so your betting will definitely be a winning one.

Why is it profitable to bet on cricket?

It’s all about the relatively low popularity of cricket among those who bet – most of the strong forecasters simply do not associate with this game. There are very complex rules, long matches, many features and nuances. Not everyone has a desire to watch a 6-hour sports broadcast.
If you think that after reading the rules of cricket once you have become well versed in this sport, then you are mistaken. You can only “beat the bookmaker” if you understand this sport deeper than him and take information about upcoming matches not only from well-known resources, but also from additional – local media, official teams’ pages on social networks. Do not be lazy to devote more time to cricket betting and it will pay off with interest.
It is possible to find information on English-language sources without any problems, and if you approach the rates professionally, you can get good money by making a successful forecast without any problems or by betting.
Finally, cricket is practically not played in Asian countries and in the USA, therefore, professionals who bet from these countries are not interested in this sport. The main backbone is made up of amateurs who are passionate about the game and support some of the teams.