This page is designed to help all Ballarat Cricket Association administrators and those who use the MyCricket system. The best option when wanting to learn how to use the system is to go direct to the MyCricket Help site located HERE. We've selected a few important processes relevant to our Association for a quick reference guide.



  • Captains/Coaches selecting teams, entering match results, player scores and Umpire reports.
  • Administrator registering new, clearing or transferring players.
  • Sending email and text notifications.
Creating a MyCricket User account and assigning roles (Info and video tutorial)
Clearances & Transfers (to be completed by President, Secretary or nominated 'Club' account in MyCricket.)
How to submit a Transfer/Clearance

Player Registration (Can be completed by any Club user with appropriate access)

Registering a player

 Registering a Player (Step-by-step guide)
Selecting a Team (by 8pm Thursday prior to match)
Selecting a Team (Info and video tutorial)
Unable to find player to select in team!!!
Selecting a player - Common problems
Entering Match Results if MyCricket Scoring app not used.
Entering Match Results
Entering Player Scores if MyCricket Scoring app not used.
Entering Player Scores
Confirmation of Match Results and Player Scores (by Away team)
Confirming or Disputing Match Results/Data
Senior Captains and Junior Coaches completing a mandatory appraisal on their BCUA appointed Umpires and Ground conditions.
Completing a Captain/Coaches Report

Learn how to use the MyCricket Scorer App
MyCricket Scoring